Managing Director, Premier
Founder, Speech Recognition Co. Ltd.
Past Chairman, Audio Marketing Association – Europe

Anthony has been at the leading edge of customer experience since 1990, specializing in audio marketing and telephone caller interface design. His  founding of the Speech Recognition Company in 1995 came at a time when Voice User Interface (VUI) design was just an emerging science. Though not technical by nature, Anthony has remained passionate about how technology can be applied to enhance user interfaces and has advised some of the world’s leading companies on their VUI design.

Anthony became Joint Managing Director of Premier in 2007. He has developed the company into a Multi-Sensory Marketing agency by launching Video and Fragrance Marketing to complement Premier’s audio services. Premier’s customer experience solutions are used globally by some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

What Others Have Said About Anthony

“Anthony is the consummate expert in his field. Passionate about customer experience, his opinions are always valuable, insightful and worth listening to. He is bright, sees the woods from the trees, and grasps the issues to be addressed quickly. The breadth of his experience across a vast variety of industries allows him to come up with innovative solutions for other industries. You have to see him in action to understand this! We love what he has brought to us.” – Harry Bott / Sales and Marketing Director at Mediahawk