1. Premier Business Audio, specialists in managing the caller experience, won Gold for their work for Orient Express at the annual MARCE Awards, presented in Scottsdale, Arizona. The prestigious awards – the ‘Oscars’ of the audio messaging industry – are presented by the On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) for creative and production excellence in audio marketing […]
  2. Most people underestimate our sense of smell and the overall effect it has on our emotion and behaviour. For example, picking the right scent for your business can influence the customer into coming into your shop or purchasing certain products, whilst the wrong scent can drive a customer away and even put them in a […]
  3. Marketing campaigns often focus primarily on the sense of vision, even when they have associated sound like in television commercials or retail environments. Whilst visual marketing gives your company a face for your business and brand definition, the lack of an audio dimension can deprive your company of its full marketing success. Sound is possibly […]
  4.   In today’s society, there are many ways in which a patient can contact your practice.  In most instances, patients still prefer to pick up the phone and call your practice to book an appointment or make an enquiry. Recent research shows that the number of practices who greet patients with an answering machine, an […]
  5. In today’s market place new business is becoming more and more difficult to find. On-hold marketing helps businesses to cross sell products and services as well as improving brand and product awareness. We work in association with telecoms dealers nationwide to provide their clients with excellent on-hold marketing solutions. We know from experience, this can add value […]

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